Painters in London Ontario Canada

We are your Premium Quality London Painting company Top Painters has been providing quality residential interior painting to Neighbourhoods of  London and Southwestern Ontario.

We are London’s premium painting company with higher standards comes higher prices we are not cheap we are for those that feel quality comes first. When you hire Top Painters you are assured that all our painters are police cleared, drug tested and clean and alcohol abuse free we top this off by only hiring painters that are family safe with a friendly positive personality how many other painting companies in London can say this.

Further we make sure every employee is  extensively trained in the way we do things so we are consistent in providing quality workmanship that we set out to achieve. Know we aim to have you say “wow this is beautiful thanks”.

We provide painting services for Kitchen cabinet painting to bedrooms to Rec rooms, we are a premium quality full service painting company.

We do it all from moving your furniture to prepping before we do the job by repairing drywall and woodwork for a high quality finish. Making sure floors and furniture are completely protected.

Its A Free Quote


When you call Top Painters, you won’t have to take care of anything we look after everything and at the same time include you in the progress if you desire. Our goal is to make the process as stress free for London home owners as possible so contact us for your free quote.

Now offering eco-friendly green low odor paint.

Many people put off interior painting ideas because they are concerned about the chemicals and smell letting off during and after the painting. We understand your concerns and now offer low to no VOC paint (volatile organic compound). We also offer services with Clay paint, and Milk Paint, for those who have a desire to try something different and stay eco-green.

Now you wont have to worry about your children that maybe sensitive now your indoor air quality is safe to breath, now you are safe to start your project. Please let us know when we meet if you desire eco green paints or clay or milk paints when we do your free quote. Our Painters London Ontario Canada painting company crew will provide you the knowledge you need to make these decisions.

Lasting Quality Painting is all in the Prep Work

With any painting as well as interior painting, preparation is a essential process to guarantee the durability of your interior paint project. Before starting any work, any area not being painted will be prepared and covered, such as floors, chandeliers windows, doors and hardware and outlet and switch plates are always removed.

Your smaller furnishings such as pictures, vases, and  lamps will be removed from the area or covered and other areas of the house will be masked from the working space. Top Painters painting provides free estimates for your project.

Painting Process

Our knowledgeable crew knows that you need start off right with good surface prep creating a good foundation for primers and top coats to applied. This means the drywall and woodwork must be prepped before starting any painting loose paint has to cleaned off, holes are filled and sanded and then entire sire is cleaned before applying any paint.

Prep Prime Paint

Now, the area is clean any areas that need priming is done. A primer is used to seal layers below without patches and drywall will show through their is different primers for different purposes and cost will reflect it purpose.  A premium paint quality is recommended then for us to roll on and cut in or sprayed following the manufacturer’s guide-lines on walls and trim and Bath and kitchen cabinets refinishing.

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