Restoration Painters

London Ontario Restoration Painters


Top Painters has been London Ontario leading premium restoration painting service since 1991 providing Family Safe and Home Safe painters the only company to offer this. Top Painters know what restorative painting is we provide the highest quality making sure that no pimples or blemishes are visible in the finished painted surface.

When you want that Show Home New Home Look We are the company to call for refinishing that is next to perfect. Clean quality cut in lines is what you can expect for we always make sure that all surfaces that need caulking are done so. Durability is assured with our process by making sure that dusting walls and washing off any substances that might prevent adhesion of paint.

Quality premium painting services in LND ON is the what you can expect from our Home Safe Family Safe workers we have been providing Family Safe workers since 1991 that is our commitment to excellence. We have not let up with this we explain it is who we are not a requirement and if our workers are committed to excellence they volunteer this requirement on a monthly bases that we reimburse.

Excellence from the start is what our select group of clients demanded and we have delivered ever since 1991