Painting and Decorating Tips

Painting & Decorating Tips From Top Painters 

Getting the home you want by painting and decorating we have some ideas for you so you can turn your house in to the cherished place you live.  These suggestions will make it easier for you to take action on painting and decorating your home.


The internet is a great place to start, Pinterest, Houzz are great sources to get ideas seeing what others are doing with house that are very similar to your own. Search your local shops for their show room areas. Dream Home show homes. or Homes for sale by builder open house.

Surrounding Colours

When choosing colours look at surrounding furniture, pillows, curtains, pictures even plants and flowers. When painting your home from light to dark or dark to light colours will dramatically change the complete feeling that a home has.

Painting Colour Trends 2016

Going with 2016 painting trending colours for London Ontario or future predicted color trends can keep your home always looking great. Painting your home pea green may have it looking a bit more like 1970’s.

Colourize Your Space

Colour used can also make the space look small or bigger than it really is such as going with darker ceilings than walls will make the room look smaller and shorter.

 Plan A Colour Theme

When it comes to painting walls and  trim, (doors, windows, baseboards crown and columns) choosing  a theme that work together to get the feeling that you are after. In bright area you can go with darker colours though sheen has to be taken into account to prevent builders imperfections from showing.

Colour Selection

Using Colour Chips from your paint supplier in assisting your colours choices remember that colours will look darker than the colour on the sample and the tonalities will look different in your home. The sunlight will change the colour so bright rooms or dark rooms. Getting help is easier than you think most professional paint stores have highly trained paint and colour specialist helping you pick the right paint for your situation.

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