London Ontario Painters

When you want more than just a painter or the average painting company when you want to feel safe in your home and at the same time have your home made beautiful Top Painters now part of the Painters London Brand of companies we are the house painting company to call.

With good quality workmanship and affordable Painting = Top Painters = Now Painters London painters we have the right to say this since 1991 no other company even comes close or even tries to offer family safe workers let alone workers that have pride in their work how can  they they have deadlines to meet so they can be at the next job. ask us when we will complete the project we will tell you when it is done right no sooner ask us when we can start your project when our other project is satisfactory done. Why we say no other company can or will we have pride in who works with us everyone has been tested for criminal records,  checked the predators list and drugs and alcohol abuse tests. undesirable character traits and personality quarks that we would not want in our own home and we will not be putting them in yours. What other company does this? We are not trying to rock the boat or steal work away from others what we offer is only for those that feel that quality and safety and security is worth more to them.

No Rotten Apples Desired

Here at Top Painters we have weeded through a good number of these painters that are working at other well known companies. Most will not make  it pass an applicant for their unwillingness to get a police clearnace or drug testing.

Back to School For Everyone

We put every painter no matter of experience they may have twenty or more years as a painter but they still needed to learn how we do it our way and it must be followed. Each worker must learning our policies and procedures . Only then do they get a chance to work in our premium painting company in your home.

Happy To Work 

We are tough at first but soft after. Our belief is that quality workmanship can never be rushed. We feel that each clients home is a treasure special to the homeowner and should be treated that way.  Stress and anger is created from rushing someone and poor quality workmanship is the result. Peaceful and dedicated to the best quality is our focus.

When you want the superior London Ontario Painters  you know who to call that company is Top Painters.