Get Started Prep Start with preparation take your time do it right this will make the difference on the completed painted surface. The time you take in preparing the surfaces to be painted will result in a much more professional finish. Prep Steps In an older home you have layers […]

Prep and More Prep

Painting & Decorating Tips From Top Painters  Getting the home you want by painting and decorating we have some ideas for you so you can turn your house in to the cherished place you live.  These suggestions will make it easier for you to take action on painting and decorating your home. […]

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London Ontario Restorative Painters Top Painters has been London Ontario best premium restorative painting service since 1991 providing Home Safe and Family Safe painters the only company to offer this. Top Painters know’s what restorative painting is we provide top quality making sure that no dint’s dents or pimples are visible in the finished […]

Restorative Painters

London Ontario Restoration Painters Top Painters has been London Ontario leading premium restoration painting service since 1991 providing Family Safe and Home Safe painters the only company to offer this. Top Painters know what restorative painting is we provide the highest quality making sure that no pimples or blemishes are […]

Restoration Painters

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing
  Top Painters Your Premium London Ontario Painting  Company  we are the painting contractors of choice for many Southwestern, Ontario homeowners looking for painting in London Ontario. We understand that your home could be your largest investment. We understand that home needs to be personalized and made the way you like it not the builder […]

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We are your Premium Quality London Painting company Top Painters has been providing quality residential interior painting to Neighbourhoods of  London and Southwestern Ontario. We are London’s premium painting company with higher standards comes higher prices we are not cheap we are for those that feel quality comes first. When you hire […]

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Masters united to create quality painting in London Ontario 4 master painters in London come together to offer premium London painting as a collective working side by side as co-workers a team of master painters. Yes we are made up multiple master painters to provide superior quality painting service. When you call on […]

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  Preferred residential painting service providing London Ontario home painting at a higher standard.  We are made up of three master painters and three grand masters  painters have been painting for over twenty five years, we don’t stop there we then only pick from the best of the best drug free […]

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  Professional premium painters providing a superior painting service. Quality painting that shows reliable friendly from start to finish trusted master painters you can be assured that you wont have a drug addict or an alcoholic painting employee in your home. Master painters with over twenty five plus years painting […]

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