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When it comes to painting Top Painters, Avon Ontario painting company is the painting company to call when you are searching for Premium Restorative Painters London Ontario or Restorative Painters Avon Ontario we are here for you.

When you are going to do painting or decorating your house it is a good idea to create a plan to start with before you transform any space. We understand that your home is where you will cherish those memories that you and your family have spent. We also know that this is your personal space your and putting your unique painting ideas and decorating ideas  is a must to make it your own,

The first thing you will have to do is to know if you are changing the larger pieces of furniture if not do not worry you always can change colours with pillows, lamps pictures and paint colours from one colour to accent walls. Whether your house is old or brand new, you can always give the home your unique personal painting ideas.

Avon Painting Specialist

Hi we are Top Painters the Avon  Ontario Painting Company if you are looking for a Avon  painting company your in luck we cover the area of Southwestern Ontario around London. We have trained specialist with the skills that you need in your painting and decorating project and we have never let a customer down.

If you are looking for that fresh look to brighten your home or maybe you just bought we can help with anything from kitchen cabinet painting, wallpaper removal. painting a large foyer or just modernizing your living room with a new paint colour .

I can do the following:

  • Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing (Avon  Ontario )
  • Interior Painting (Avon  Ontario )
  • Exterior Painting (Avon  Ontario )
  • WallPaper Removal  (Avon  Ontario)
  • Decks and Fence Staining  (Avon  Ontario )
  • Painting Contractors (Avon  Ontario )
  • Colour Selection (Avon  Ontario )

Painting Tips and Painting Ideas From Top Painters Avon  Ontario Painters

Colour Choices

When it comes to colour choices you need first to look at furniture of the room  or linens of bed, pillows, lamp shades, and pictures can complement with beautiful painted walls. Take a look at our colour selection tool page to assist you in this.

Preparation is Vital

Preparation is the most important step it is your foundation it will decide how durable your house painting will be as well as how beautiful the home painting will be year to come. Preparation of of floors and furniture covering is a vital part of good painting as well as sanding, dusting and priming before topcoats are applied.

Sanding of previously painted surface to roughen up so paint can adhere  (Oil, Lacquer and Enamels) prior to you starting  to apply any paint.

Kitchen cabinet painting or Kitchen cupboards painting whatever you call them should washed with TSP liquid to remove any grease and grime is recommended and wear gloves. We recommend liquid sander to start then various grades of sandpaper starting at 120 220 and then 350. You will then need dust with a talcum cloth to remove all the fine dust. When do this we recommend a high bonding paint such as Stix’s or UMA which you will need to sand again apply the topcoat paint and sand in between each coat applied. and dust and dust well. We also will add a conditioner to the paint to amalgamate all line so they flow into each other


Prior to painting please read direction and guideline moisture temperature and airflow can all determine drying time can is only a guideline.

Quality new paint brushes can make all the difference for the amature painter the new will allow the bristles to to be guided better to create a sharper cutin. Not only that a new brush will hold more paint allowing you to accomplish a job faster. Brush technique can be taught very easily but visuals are very important usually within a half hour one can be taught to cutin exceptionally straight lines faster than any tool or tape.

Rolling and rollers you see to often a tv program showing you how to apply paint with a roller they will do this fancy v or w motion with no knowledge of why. They will continue to paint the wall with this same motion making a mess. A Professional will occasionally look like he is doing this but on most part they have learned how to put paint on their rollers What you do not see is that they only did this to off load to much paint when starting a new wall or corners it is mostly used. It is also only done for the maximum of two or three roller widths then it is rollered over in an up and down motion to blend it in. You will also notice the professional rolling back over there work to remove any cat eyes and lines they do this with very little pressure on the roller.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the painting process and some good painting ideas and colour choices on hand you can make a sound decision for what you want to do with that room that you want to paint if you do decide to hire a professional Avon  painters that you know will do an exceptional paint job then