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Here at Top Painters your premium cabinet refinishing London painting company would like to make your cabinet painting quote a simplified process that you will easily see clearly what the painting estimate is for.

It is a solid price for the cabinet painting that you have asked for not a painting proposal. We are a professional painting service that specializes in painting cabinets and is good for one year after we gave it to you.

We will outline in detail what our painting services covers where we will prep cabinets as well as what type of finish is it sprayed or professionally hand finished for affordability or a certain look is desired , we will outline if caulking or putting holes, how many coats are needed. Will the surfaces need priming patching we only use the best practises our high standards make other  cabinet refinishers that painters in London Ontario to raise their standards!

Call us to set up a time for you to receive an estimate of your proposed painting project,  When it comes to prices if you are looking for the cheaper inside painting prices we are not for you. We strive to make our customers happy quality is assured.

Thank you for your interest in your Cabinet London ON painters we are Top Painters, where quality comes first.

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Providing services including Arva Ilderton Dorchester and St Thomas

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