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House Painting at Top Painters we will ask if you are afraid of colourful rooms and then tell you do not be colour is your friend be it a bright colour used as an accent or to add life to large open concept home adding colour can work. See our colour selection page for all the tools you need to DIY colour selection
Not always does the homes inside walls need to be painted with bright colours white can also be used and colour can be added with furnishings. Grays are great for this the give depth and definition to a room when used correctly.
Grayish Blue Trend 2016
When it comes  interior painting ideas Blue is most people’s favorite colour so using it, you can not go wrong and using a grayish blue on kitchen cabinets is the outlook for  our 2016 trend. Red or plum accent walls is always a great choice and is the colour most often used on TV walls  or entertainment rooms.
Lighter and Darker Two Tone
Another 2016 home painting colour trend outlook is making trim one or two colour shades lighter or darker  than primary walls. We also predict a splitting trend where deep rich colours will be used like dark plums and deep reddish browns the splitting will be other side which we will see bright colours refreshing like spring colours slightly pastel but still vibrant with crisp white trim setting it off these rooms will be designed to lift your mood.
Grays are here in 2106
Grays and Taupes will not be out but colour bright ones will dominate the home color trend in 2016.
In the gray trends we will see more mixing up with gray room painting
We also will see two tone gray in rooms such as living rooms where so many homes have the older wainscotting box pattern this will be updated with the two tone grays medium gray on bottom and subtle gray on top.
Exterior Painting Trends 2016 
In 2016 the painting trends will lean more towards people bringing the grays out doors instead of inside the home
gray is a beautiful colour used on your London exterior painting.
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