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Top Painters the Painting Company is one of the leading quality painting companies in Lambeth Ontario and we have the reputation to prove it. With the number of customers we have helped with our residential household painting services our business has grown substantially.

Lambeth is quite family oriented neighbourhood is a great place to live but you need to take care of your home. It is your most valuable investment and painting is the quickest and the cheapest way to maintain and while keeping it clean and fresh.

When it comes to the exterior of your home water is your homes worst enemy paints protective barrier has to be maintained to keep the wood surface from rotting.

If your exterior painting is done right even in Southwestern Ontario’s wet climate can last from 7-10 year all depending on the application and paint quality. Is the surface to be painted  sufficiently dry and moisture is at optimal for adhesion for priming and painting.

Premium Painters Premium Paint

For us to give you the longest lasting and highest quality job possible we use only We aim to give our customers the highest quality and longest lasting job possible.

This is why we are premium quality painters in Lambeth, perfecting the the exterior painting process over the past 20 years   Yes today, Top Painters still lives by the same quality guarantee that we started with those many years ago, to always  make sure the customers is respected, to adhere to the highest painting standards, and provide the best results that can be achieved.

Premium Lambeth Ontario Painting Company

As a top praised Lambeth painting company, we are proud to have painted  so many spectacular homes and  in and around lambeth in the past few years.  We understand that we may seem expensive but we are well worth it. Not only the customer service you will see the difference in the quality of painting offered by Top Painters whether it be for an interior painting or exterior painting job. Yes we also do work in London Byron Dorchester Arva Thames St Thomas and the rest of Southwestern Ontario.

Our  Painting Company truly cares about exceeding your needs and giving you the best quality product and work on any job you hire us for.  Remember to consider us when you belief quality is first and foremost we are not cheap but worth it. Call today for premium painting  quote on your next painting project.  Call us today at 226-224-4051