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Top Painters is a premium Cabinet painting service specializing in spraying as well as affordable professional hand finished Cabinetry painting. Top Painters is now a division of Home Painters London and now primarily focuses on Cabinet Refinishing.

We Start With Quality

Everything and it starts with our workers quality workers paid well provide painting workmanship that has pride and you can see the difference. We have had the highest standards when it comes to providing quality painting since 1991 and other painting companies are not in our league.

With new management but the same quality workmanship that you can trust.

Painters That You Can Trust

We also make sure that all painters are pleasant to be around great personalities as well as good character this is what makes the difference when having Top Painters in your London home.  What kind of  painters will be painting your London Ontario home we make sure you only have the best painters painting your home.

Experienced Painters London Ontario

So what do we know about painting, we are a division of Shine Painting Company and Angus Painting family owned and operated since 1987 with four generations of painters providing quality painting to London Ontario residential and now HPL



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