Lucan House Painting

Painters Lucan Ontario


From the moment you call, you we start to see the difference between us and other painters our Lucan painters really know their stuff.  Now Part of Painters London Brand You will be quite surprised at the over the top customer service that we provide. We take pride in our work it is not just about being affordable it about making sure we put a smile on your face. If you have an interior painting project or Exterior painting job we make sure it is done right not just fast and affordable.


Yes we are less expensive this does not mean we provide less it actually the other way around we offer more than any other painting company at way less cost. It all starts with the quote detailed itemized break down showing every item to be painted. We are so affordable most of our customers after seeing the price add more house painting. What is on the quote is painted it is that simple no hidden charges no contracts to bind you to a fee for cancelling, no payment to we are finished so no fear of us running away with your money. When painting is done we make easy for payment  E-transfers, Certified Cheques, and Cash with Receipt. Even after the job is done even months later we stand behind our work if you see where paint may not of covered completely in a corner give us a call we are glad to take care of it.


Colour‘s you pick we are not concerned other than with coverage as certain colour may require extra coats discuss that with your paint store to get the best paint choices for your painting project. The day we show up to start the painting our painters will show up looking like painters ready to paint your home. We do not put on a fake show like others with new shirts that they will take off as soon as they start to paint.


We consider ourselves the Best professional painters for we offer so much more than other painting services.  Even ones who pride themselves on superior painting services taking longer or speedy fast adding two dozen amateur workers not painters to a home so they can say they are done in a day.


Just how do we offer such good quality low affordable painting and at the same time keep our fabulous friendly customer service. Easy skill that comes with years of experience 30 plus years of knowledge and five generations serving Ontario residents with painting services.