Painting & Decorating in London

When it comes to painting and decorating your home the purpose is to make it your own and freshen it up.  This is the space where you spend most of your time this is a personal private area that most of our cherished memories will happen.

Choices in Painting and Decorating

The choices you make in painting and decorating your house is unlimited, you can go with traditional, modern, or your own way. So the first thing you should do in deciding how you are going to paint and decorate your house is to choose which feeling or message your home needs to communicate.

Colour Personality 

What is the space your painting , who is it for and what is yours or their personality like? Will the colours theme represent them or you and will it bring out the best in them or you.

Paint Colours for Selling Your Home

Are you trying to sell your home if so then you want to keep it neutral for the people looking at buying your home they may not like the same colours that you do.

When a potential buyer looks at your home beyond location, and style of home and features they are looking for a clean, fresh home that they can see their furniture going with the colours that you have chosen. Neutral paint colours are always a good choice for real estate sales check out more painting tip from Top Painters.

London Painting and Decorating Specialist

We are Top Painters your premium painter and decorators in London we cover most of South Western Ontario as well as London. We are a restorative and restoration painting and decorating company that is a premium service for those who desire to have their home the way they want.

Premium London Painting Showroom Look

If you are looking for your home to have the showroom look that your home should of had from the the start. New homes are plagued with imperfections from nail hole pops or screws pops. Cracks from house shifting drywall, trim or just not smooth walls.  We take care of everything from picking up paint to prepping the surfaces to be painted.

We offer the following:

  • Painting (London )
  • Interior Decorating (London )
  • Lacquer finishing (London )
  • Decorative Painting (London )
  • Restorative Painting (London )
  • Restoration Painting (London )
  • Colour Theme Consulting (London )

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