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Our approach is to deliver beautiful results and give you the homeowner a delightful Cabinet painting experience. Top Painters The Affordable Painting Company takes care of everything from prep to clean up. And we will leave your home clean and cabinets freshly painted at the end of the job.

Top Painters the Affordable Painting Company


When it comes to Cabinet painting preparation is the key, here at Top Painters we believe you got to get it right in the beginning to prevent any paint sprinkles, drips or mishaps. We ask you to remove all fragile and important items, we then make sure the area is clean of dust, cobwebs and pet hair. oil and grease. Prep sand sand clean of dust and then bonder then primer then 2-3 top coats then a sealer. cleaning up always as we go.

Cover Area Before Painting

We will cover all furniture and floors with clean drop cloths and paper masking assuring there will be paint only where it was meant to be. Cabinet doors  and drawers are examined and cracks and holes are filled, then we sand, prime and paint. All bases and frames doors, as well as trim are professionally caulked putty for holes prep sanded primed and painted as well where needed.

Inspect Between Paint Coats

We sand between coats thus giving a extra smooth finish the old tried and true way three fine coats inspecting between coats with a light and when we do need to sand dust is as well removed by using fine dust catching clothes.  At Top Painters we reviews every residence to find the optimal painting plan to insure the most effective and least disruptive paint project.

Color selection assistance

When it comes to colour selection colour we believe in hiring in the experts for you at our expense. And if you just want to match a colour you have seen or what is currently on the walls take a look at our colour selection tool page you can get about any colour you like.


Top Painters the premium cabinet Painting Company is familiar with most brands and lines of paint and their applications, Farrow & Ball, Benjamin Moore, Aura, Natura, Color Stories,  Sherwin Williams, Pratt & Lambert, Pittsburgh Paints, Glidden, Dulux Diamond Paints,  Crayola Paint Colors, CIL, ICI, Glitter paints, Metallic paints, Behr, Ralph Lauren, Rust-oleum and many others.


Surfaces are sanded and cleaned prior of dust hair and cobwebs before coating with primer (if needed) and Premium quality paint.  Our quality London painters apply an beautiful and even coats of paint to all surfaces.

Your home, is the reason you hire us.

Daily communication, by phone or in person, to make you apart of the painting process from the start to the finish so you know just what is being done.

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