Affordable Exterior London Painting

We are your affordable exterior painting company providing quality first

Your house is a reflection of who you are with Top Painters the budget friendly painting company we will do just that add that quality touch that to make your home just the way you envisioned it to be. A fresh coat of paint in the colour is the first and most important step in reshaping your home exterior or interior from walls, doors and trim to give the reflection of the people who reside there.

No exterior painting during snow and rain

When it comes to exterior painting we have a much smaller window to did than our neighbours down south due to the cold winter we are left with only five months and during this time we need it not to rain for a minimum of 4 days with very hot days to dry out any surfaces so paint will not bubble from excessive moisture underneath. We take this serious and use a moisture gage to know if we can paint. Also to top it off interior painting is already pre-booked and scheduled and employees have to be shuffled as soon as weather and moisture is optimal without setting deadline back on interior work.


Here are the steps that we take to provide the quality Exterior painting that we have come to be known for.  We will first start with a  thorough inspection and point out any concerning areas to you and why feel they may need a bit more TLC. We then will scrape, sand, stripe and clean where needed for the best optimal durability and appearance.

1. Pressure Washing

Our trained crew is knowledgeable to know each surface malleability (softness) and knows how much water pressure and nozzles to use  to prevent burrs, water bleaching and gouges. Loose paint chips are all cleaned up and not left lying around your property. Them the house is given time to dry before applying any stains, paints or sealers.

2. Scraping, priming & minor maintenance

First we start with all loose paint scraping, sanding, wire brushing and paint stripping with heat guns or feather sanding done with paint restoration. Bare areas are then primed, glossy areas are scuff up so paint will adhere when applied for optimal adhesion and durability.

3. Painting

When it comes to top coats Top Painters does not cheap out by giving it one coat we believe in quality and two coats is required after priming for guaranteed coverage and a beautiful finish. Care is taken to prevent all non painted surface from getting splatters and drips. Foliage is trimmed if it is against house to prevent decay from moisture mildew and fungus. Plants are carefully worked around and if we find we can not they are carefully removed into plastic bags and watered to prevent wilting. Paint is then applied with brush roller or spray depending on surface and conditions. Only premium quality exterior paints are used with all exterior painting.

  We also offer the following services:

  • Gates, Fences and Deck Staining:  Once a deck or fence or gate becomes weathered we need to fix the damage nature has done. We check for loose nails and boards and fasten worn out slats are replaced and any scraping sanding and cleaning  is done before protective coatings are applied.
  • Epoxy Coating for Garage Floors: Once garage floors have been cleaned and debris removed and repaired by Top Painters our Painting contractors, will then they coat the floors with the epoxy garage floor coatings.
  • Pressure Washing Cleaning:  Cleaning is recommended on a regular basis even if you are not painting this can give you a new look and help from anything like dirt bacteria and water from penetrating the paints protective membrane.  We believe that yearly cleaning is a necessity for the longevity of your house, deck fences, gates and driveways.

Exterior House Painting Services
  • -Wood Siding
  • -Stucco or Concrete
  • -Brick or Stone
  • -Vinyl Siding
  • -Doors & Windows
  • -Fascia, Eaves Gutters
  • -Garage Doors, Trim & Entry or Man Doors
  • -Wood, Vinyl or Metal Shutters
  • -Architectural Wood work
  • -Patios,  Spindles, Covered Ceilings
  • Decks, Railings and Patio Covers
  • Fences, Gates,Lattice
  • -Wrought Iron Fences, Railings
  • -Perimeter Walls
  • -Pillars, Gables, Sills
  • -Piano Keys,

 Just because it can be painted does not mean it always should be.

For your exterior painting or interior painting projects to be done by Quality London Painters