What to Expect

We at Top Painters believe that everyday we can get better that is better painters and better in our business this is what makes us unique.   We have made the process of painting for our customers “you” as simple as possible from setup to the time we leave.  Here’s what to expect when you call us paint:

Quality Painting Quote Process

1.  When you call we ask you to text us  with name and job description if you have a cellphone for most of the time we can not just stop what we our doing. We’ll will then call you back and get your information and setup a set time for the free quote in the evening,  usually within a day or two.  We understand your time is valuable and do not make you wait around all day for us to show up we show up when we say we will.

 Being Human in a Fast Paced Crazy World

Being human we do get busy or people get sick which make for longer days working to keep schedules this can make anyone to forget if this does happen and it has happen two times in the past ten years and we feel so sorry for this and if it does we try to make it up by giving a discount equal to to the loss of the hour you waited. Please call us to confirm if this does happen most times we can drop what we are doing and get out there instantly. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

2. We would like to walk around with you so we can see everything together any concerns or questions can be added this making everything clear for both parties  We will leave you with a written up quote at that time, there is no pressure, we do not ask you to decide at the moment.

3.  When you decide to have your painting project done just call our office to  schedule at 226-700-0405, we will try  to schedule your painting project when it works best for you.   You can plan on the date you get from us once it is in our books you are good to go.

In most cases we ask for a deposit for paint and your commitment of 20% if you want you can purchase the paint and the deposit will be 10% to seal your commitment cancellations can be costly to our business employees have to be paid they still have to feed their family and pay bills once scheduled please be kind give us a fair amount of notice unless it can not be helped.

If you need assistance deciding on colors we will provide a professional colour consultation service with every signed contract just let us know or check out the colour selection tools

4. With in the day you call to schedule we can usually book you in with in a week or week and half we will contact you to confirm the date and any additional details  that you desire can be added or changed such as colours please confirm by texting selection of colours and emailing any forms prior to start date.

Once the colours and details are confirmed we will order paint and all the tools and material need and bring it to your home on the date scheduled this way nothing delays your completion date.

During The Job

5.  We will arrive between 9:00-9:30AM to begin the job on the first day, and every other day the we will walk through the project with you to to answer any questions you may still have and to get a bearing of where will be starting that day.

6.  Everyday we clean up and pack up unless the home is not occupied this way you can live in the home as if we were never there. Each day we complete a progress report to inspect the quality to make sure it is up to our standards we make sure you are a 100% satisfied with the best possible quality of the work. This what separates us from other painting companies the 100% quality satisfaction.

7.  A final inspection with you is done, this is to make sure you are 100% satisfied before we start to pack up our painting tools and drop sheets.  At anytime you see anything that concerns you just let us know!  We finalize it by having you sign-off on the painting project and we ask you for a  quality survey painting review of our work.  We will then collect the final balance of the project, when you are 100% happy.

After the Job

Do not worry if you see anything please feel assured we are only a call away where we will promptly schedule to come take care of any concerns. We are here for you long after you have paid us, remember our 5 year written workmanship warranty.

From the start to finish our business is all about your satisfaction we know that it is our customer’s like you, happiness from the fresh coat making  your home beautiful. We know that is what keeps our business as busy as it is.

Areas you will find that we have painted London, Byron, Lambeth, Dorchester, St Thomas

Call if you believe that quality is more important to you, premium painting costs do not call if you are cheap

call 226-700-0405