Why Choose Us

When Choosing the painting company to do cabinet painting making sure that they really know what they are doing is very important not every painter can do cabinets. When it comes to your kitchen you want to be certain that the project will get completed in the agreed amount of time, but that when it’s finished it has a quality look and professional quality. That is what you can expect at Top Painters, we have set the highest standards of workmanship in the industry and it shows that other painting companies will have to live up to.

Quality Comes First

We are proud that our painters make sure that they have quality painting every-time this is what make us so different. We  make sure that our painters must be certified through our training program before they touch your home.

Choosing The Best Painting 

We then make sure we take the care in moving any of your possessions from the area to be painted such as furniture, protecting all floors or any non-movable objects. Not only is our workmanship  of the highest standards that others have to strive to meet with straight lines and clean streak free finishes.

The Highest Standards

Since we know every customer is unique, we provide free colour consultation and if you decide to just do it yourself  we have the tools to make your the home you desire. At the end of the day we make sure the sight is clean and free of any garbage a complete pack up is made unless no one is living in the home.

When you want it to last and painting and quality is more important, “then Top Painters is the one to call”.

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